About BeatBounds

Step into a world where music and chaos reign supreme! Beatbounds is a unique music-based platformer which will have you jumping to the beat! Explore the stages and collect the keys to restore the world and free everyone!

BeatBounds is a solo gaming experience immersing players into the role of the main character tasked with restoring the world’s temporal balance and harmony. Following a mysterious disruptive event, the flow of time becomes chaotic. To rectify this, players must gather essential components—either keys or clock parts—and unite them across three distinct levels within the game. Navigating these levels requires synchronization with both the music’s rhythm and visual aids (represented by circled timers) in the background. These timers signify specific movement allowances: for instance, one may restrict movement but permit jumping, while another could immobilize movement entirely. Each timer mode corresponds to a unique beat within the music, allowing players to rely on auditory cues for recognition.

About Mugiwara Games

Mugiwara Games is an independent games studio consisting of two students from the University of Southampton:

Katerina Michael

I’m responsible for all the art and the majority of the UI existing within our game. I specialize in the creative subjects such as character art, environment and concept art, level design, UI/UX design, and I have also contributed in our social media monitoring and posting. Outside of this project, I often like to practice my artistic skills by challenging myself to try new methods and techniques in my work, and in my spare time I also enjoy playing volleyball or video games with my friends.

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