Kate’s Art

This page will preview a few images that display the work and development made towards the art of our game!

Images of draft level design examples prior to the development of the final product,

as well as quick sketches made to aid in the creation of the actual levels later on.

First design made for the main character and hero of our game, Kai.

Ground Tiles designed for 3 separate levels for our game, representing the theme for a forest, a cave, and a mountain themed environment

A few draft examples of the obstacles within the game

Backgrounds made for each level

Logo exploration and colour palettes

The full narrative created for our game through images, where we see the hero of our game discovering a breach in the main timeline of the world, which results in the chaos and imbalance of the natural time flow of all possible universes existing, which in turn results in our character being entrusted with the mission of collecting all fallen clock pieces that have scattered in different locations and uniting them, in order to bring back peace and serenity into the world.

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